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9 1/2 Large Rifle Primer (1000 Count)



9 1/2 Large Rifle Primer

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Remington 9 1/2 Large Rifle Primer (1000 Count). The Remington are made with a very closely controlled, specifically formulated chemical mixture to ensure that no matter the powder, ignition is always fast and consistent. Primer (1000 Count) The primers are made with a three legged design that gives the largest area for the flash and a bigger striking area for the firing pin. The 9 1/2 Large Rifle Primers are designed and tested to function in extreme temperature ranges from -20°F to +150°F. Each  is produced to exacting tolerances with a deviation no larger than .0003 ounces. Primer (1000 Count) are visually inspected and undergo critical ballistic tests.


The Remington 9 1/2 Large Rifle Primer is a premier tripod designed flash cup with a larger than standard striking area that ensures positive fast ignition of most all available powders with a weight consistency of .0003 ounces. All are tested in controlled scientific environments for ballistics performance and quality. will perform from -20°F to +150°F to ensure no matter where you use them, they will perform at the top level. Primer (1000 Count)

Specifications and Features:

Designed to perform from -20°F to +150°F
Weight checked to .0003 oz
100% Visually inspected
Tripod anvil design gives large flash and larger striking area


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